Game objectives

To make the maximum number of points by taking turns to place one, two or three tokens crossword-style on the board.

Game creation

A game can be created from the home page. When creating a game, the number of players must be defined (between two and four).

When a game is created, an invite link is created (available from the home page) and must be sent to the other players so they can join it. The game starts when all the players joined the game.

The player starting the game is choosen randomly.

How to play

Turn by turn, the players place one, two or three tokens from their hand onto the board. Tokens must be placed horizontally or vertically, but must alwayes touch at least one of the previously placed token.

A maximum of three tokens can be aligned side by side (horizontally of vertically) and the tokens played at a given turn must be aligned (although not necessarily touching each other, they can, for example, surround a third token).

Each set of three tokens must add up exactly 15. Each set of 2 tokens must add up 15 or less.

First turn

For the first turn, one of the played tokens must be placed on the center space of the board.

Points counting

Points are counted by adding up the total values of the tokens:

  • Placing token 2 next to token 4 on the board would be worth 6 points.
  • Placing token 7 with token 8, 7 above token 2 would be worth be worth 24 points (7 + 2 down and 7 + 8 across).
  • When completing a row or column of three tokens (therefore summing them to 15), the player will get the sum of them (15) plus a 15 points bonus. For example, placing a 2 next to a 9 and a 4 would give 30 points.
  • If a player's hand sums exactly 15 points and the player can play them all at once, a bonus of 50 points will be granted, making the score at least 80 points (30 for completing a set of 3 tokens, 50 for emptying the hand), plus the points of the adjacent tokens.

Special spaces

There are 4 different special spaces on the board:

  • Doubles and triples: When a token is plcaed over a double or a triple space, the value of that token is doubled or tripled. If the played token completes a row or column of three tokens, the whole 30 points that the player would have got are doubled or tripled (granting 60 or 90 points).
  • The center space must be used on the first turn, and acts as a double.
  • Repeat: when playing on a repeat space , the player will be able to play a second time (after redrawing tokens to fill his/her hand). Repeat spaces are cumulative, if after a repeat the player plays again on another one, he/she will be able to play a third time.

End of the game and winner

The game ends when all the tokens are played and the winner is the player having scored the highest cumulative score.